Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wind On the Nose Some More

Tricia, Alicia and I have formed a little support group so we can share info and updates from the guys as we get them (some of us get less updates than others.........I just tell myself that Alex is REALLY busy being captain of the boat) and yesterday we didn't hear anything until late in the day from David.

From David via Tricia:

We had a very exasperating day with little wind and what there was was in the wrong direction. On top of that we had big head problems that Alex and Bob dived into fix. Not pleasant. So a very busy day despite not going anywhere fast. It is getting colder as we move north, and very grey.

Unsure of eta in the UK and I am getting low on teabags.

 I'm a tea drinker too, and starting the day without a cup of tea  on a lovely sunny day in Western NY sounds horrible, but starting the day without a cup of tea on a cold, damp, grey, wavy day at sea sounds truly tragic! I hope they make some good progress today, or things could ugly on board Nani!

It does look like they made a bit of progress during the night though, here's a look at the tracker this morning:
July 14, 2013
Meanwhile back at the cottage, it's all about riding your bike with no hands.

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