Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heading East!

July 16, 2013

The guys have caught some wind and are finally headed east, I checked the tracker this morning and felt optimistic! I've got a few short messages to share.

 From Alex:

Finally found our wind and we are cruising towards the UK at a good clip. If the wind holds as forecast we may make it to Brighton by Sunday. It is nice to be moving fast on the right direction.

From David:

Finally we have some wind this morning, hopefully it will last.  I just had tom yum ramen noodles with frozen corn, peas and carrots, very good. We watched Hot Fuzz the other night, and Baseketball last night. All comedies and quite funny.

And from Bob today:

 We have finally turned east. If the wind holds we should be 6 days from England. Another day to going north to where wind might be. Finally hit a point where we really can't go further north unless we opt for Scandinavia. Once we hit England it will be another 3-4 days to destination.  I hope this wind holds.

Saw some dolphins chasing small tuna late yesterday. Overcast and cool today. Long pants and jacket but just t shirt under jacket.  More later. Love Bob

Sounds like just another day on Nani, eating ramen noodles, watching movies and talking about the wind!

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