Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Road Again

Nani left Horta about 6:30 this morning EST so I can now resume my favorite summer activity of tracking them on the internet. I Skyped briefly with Alex yesterday but the noise in Peter's Cafe  was too loud for any real conversation. I can report though that Alex looked very happy and relaxed, and ready for the next leg of the journey. Did I mention he sounded happy? I think the beer at Peter's was good and plentiful.
Peter's Cafe Sport, this picture is taken from their website
Aside from having plenty of time to spend in Cafe Sport, they re-provisioned (Alex said the grocery store was fantastic!) re-did the Spartite to the masts since they were creaking a bit on the first part of the trip and finished getting Nani ship shape for the rest of the journey. Cheryl arrived on Sunday to spend a week with Alan exploring the Azores and she brought with her spare macerator pump, so I'm assuming they may actually have a working head too! 
The forecast is calling for very little wind, so they could be motoring a good bit of the way.
Nani at port in Horta
Bob sent this picture of Nani  at port, and I must say she looks right at home!

Meanwhile, back at the cottage, we are all about badminton and stick and rock baseball on the beach.
keeping Uncle Dave on his toes

another beautiful Wide Beach sunset

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