Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Almost There

The guys are almost to the Azores! I know they are feeling good since  the sailing has been nice the past couple of days, they are getting close to Horta where there are showers and bars, with actual beer! I've had a few short updates from the crew:
From David via Tricia:
the swim was wonderful and we had enough water to rinse the salt off afterwards. The water was incredibly clear before and after. After all of the sharks we have seen it was a litttle daunting, however we have only seen dolphins for the past couple of days. We are now becalmed waiting for wind, we have used as much diesel as we dare and so just need the wind that is forecast to arrive tomorrow.

My watch last night at 3:00am was so boring I nearly fell asleep, the previous night I think I saw a submarine on the radar as an echo appeared for half an hour and then disappeared. Of course noone believes me.

From Alex:
Hi K. Is the tracker working now? We got some light wind so at least we are making progress.

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  1. Thanks for the update....looks like Bob will arrive right on time...what perfect planning. We look forward to these daily updates from you and from Michael with the wind conditions and boat progress. Miss you guys, Susan and George


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