Wednesday, July 17, 2013


As you know, Alan jumped ship in the Azores to spend some time exploring the islands with Cheryl and is now back at work in Atlanta. (Ask him what you might get in a restaurant on the islands when you think you are ordering “crackers”) 
hmmm, I thought I ordered some crackers

I know that it has to be a hard transition to go from a high seas adventure with storms, shark encounters, missing cases of beer, and a bilge full of SPAM back to a dull cubicle at work with projects and deadlines. Well, maybe it's not dull, after all he does drive the hot air balloon sometimes,  that is just how I imagine a cubicle to be. But anyways, last night I got an e-mail from him with a proposition for us Nani-philes (as he put it!) to enjoy on July 28th.

Alan proposes this SundayJuly 28th to be  International Spam Solidarity Day! What is the purpose of this day you ask? Well, Alan says it best I think:

We have enjoyed tales of the large cache of spam stored in the bilge.  I know for a fact it exists.  The missing case of PBR I am less certain of.
Miraculously upon arriving home from the Azores yesterday, there was a can of low sodium Spam on my desk.

Anyway in show of solidarity and support of Nani and her intrepid crew, I propose Spam Solidarity day or some more clever name.  The object?  For all of Nani’s followers to enjoy a can of Spam on the same day and share stories, photos, and drawings on the subject.  (Note, I did not say that you had to eat it so vegetarians like David can participate).  As you are probably aware, Spam comes in a variety of flavors, there are songs about it, a museum, Spam carving contests, an official website and a Wikipedia site.  I propose this Sunday  to be Spam Solidarity Day.

 I have to say that I was NOT aware of the Spam website, but it’s  full of VERY imaginative and creative recipes along with SPAM merchandise and fun graphics.  Would you perhaps be interested in the SPAM and maple donuts?

yummy Spam and maple doughnuts

 Or perhaps the SPAM Polynesian stir fry?
super yummy Polynesian stir-fry

 I’m thinking the SPAM avocado sandwiches look good. 
extra triple yummy spam sandwiches

So OK, Nani-philes, who wants to play along with us?

You’ve got a week and a half  to gather your SPAM and get busy. Not into eating SPAM? OK, carve your SPAM, play with your SPAM, feed it to your dog, do something with it and then send me pictures, I’ll post them on the blog.

In the meantime, here is a little something to get you in a SPAMMY mood:


  1. Karen, thanks for organizing the event - I'm sure it will reach epic proportions (or portions).
    Just to be clear, since my co-workers will be reading this, I don't work in a dull cubicle - I get to work from my home office, or from my plug-in hybrid car, or the nearest airport. I have had the pleasure of flying in the Touchstone Energy balloon, but they don't let me pilot it - you have to be licensed for that.

  2. ya know, I kinda figured you didn't work in a dull cubicle, I was just playing up the Dilbert aspect of things for the fun of it! and Cheryl told me that you didn't drive the balloon when I was writing your "meet the crew post", I was just taking artistic license with that too!

  3. The dish of seafood delicacies pictured above include “Cracas” (barnacles) and “Lapas” (limpets), part of a great meal at a small restaurant on the Island of Pico in the Azores. Who knew you could clean the bottom of your boat and then enjoy dinner.


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