Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Night Back Onboard

Alan sent me this wonderful picture of Nani heading out on the final leg of the trip to England after he and Cheryl waved good bye in Horta. I feel very lucky to have this picture and Eric suggested we get it framed and hang it somewhere in our new house. I agreed:)
Tricia shared an e-mail that she received from David this morning about their first night back at sea:

Hi,  finally have the email working now. Was a dark rolling night at sea, we are now still rolling and have light drizzle. During the night the freighters continued to try and collide on my watch. You would have thought the ocean was big enough but we had a yacht and a freighter trying to cross our path within inches of us. No problem though as we took evading action early enough.

During the night we saw millions of squid so tonight Bob and I are going to try and catch some. Not on Alex's watch obviously.I hope it has stopped raining at last, Alex cooked a fried breakfast this morning which was very good. Egg, mushrooms, tomato, and beans. Wind is very light so we are not making great progress and the forecasts are not good for the next week.Must get back on deck now.

I also received a short e-mail from Alex that he sent to me, his Mom and sisters. It's in Spanish, so I'll translate: 

So far we are moving along slowly and watching movies and eating popcorn. We've seen turtles, sharks and lot of dolphins. Perhaps tomorrow we will stop for a swim.

Sounds like all is well! 

I'm a little late in posting an update today because we went in to Buffalo to the Zoo and then to lunch to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 52nd anniversary at the bar where they originally met in Buffalo. We had great buffalo wings and a great time!

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