Thursday, July 18, 2013

Airplane Travel Sounding Really Good Right About Now

I got up this morning, put on my water for tea and checked the tracker as usual. It looked like the guys were turning around to go back home!
July 18, 2013
Upon closer inspection it became clear the wind was against them again as they are tacking back and forth.
At least they made it past the Porcupine Plane. (Wherever that is!)
They are zig zagging past  the Pendragon Escarpment. (Whatever that is!)
 As per Bob's message, they are just 300 miles until land can be sighted, but oy vey this portion of the trip looks tough. Then I just checked in again and and saw the message on the tracker:
Right about now I'm really glad I chose airplane travel to get me over to England!
Come on boys, you can do it! You are in the home stretch!

This from Bob yesterday via Alicia:

Hey , Hope all is well and the rain has stopped. We're sailing along headed toward Brighton just 597 to there and about 300 till we see land. Saw several fishing boats. Our AIS alarm goes off until we are past them. Can't figure out how to make it stop so it sucks for the person in the aft berth. All fishing boats. Not sure what they are fishing for but gives us something to look for. AIS picks them up at 15 miles but they have to get under 5 to see them but still entertainment. Started to see airline traffic overhead yesterday. Weird that you can watch the sky night after night and not see a plane. Nothing too exciting going on. Been cooler. At night longjohns , hat, and foul weather gear. Durring day a tshirt and longjohn type top and pants. Feels good in sun but wind is cool. Can't complain about the weather. One plus is this boat is very dry. If you remember most of the boats in the BVIs and the spray coming into the dodger or on you in the cockpit especially someone on leeward side. We've had seas just as big or bigger with no spray in the cockpit. I think Tootsie would be a much wetter ride. We would have to wear foulies all the time which would get old. Good to see the difference especially as we look at what kind of boat we want in the future. Real big difference between this and what a beneteau, hunter, jeanue would do.  I've got the 9 to 12 then can sleep to 6. I had the 3 to 6 am last night. That is a good night watch because the sun starts to come up after 430. So I can sleep in advance and then after that watch. I slept until almost time for my next watch at noon today. I won't go to bed before my 9 to midnite. Love and miss you both. Tell pete pete to give you a kiss for me. Love Bob

Don't forget to gather your Spam recipes! July 28th is just around the corner......

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