Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Note From My Mom

Karen is letting me add to her blog “Grits to Crumpets” at the end of her stay with us this summer.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having Karen and Eric here with us while Alex was sailing across the Atlantic from the US to the UK.  In the future, when I think about this summer, two pictures will always come to me:  Karen, first thing in the morning on her computer (and many times through the day), checking Alex’s progress (Christopher Columbus’ mother, wife and parents-in-law would have been happy to be able to follow his progress on his explorations, I’m sure)

 and Eric in his “office” playing “War Thunder” on his computer.  

In between times, they played badminton, rode bikes, watched and photographed birds at our feeders, swam, flew kites on the beach, walked the beach collecting beach glass, toured Buffalo’s City Hall, entertained friends from GA and Buffalo, hosted David and his family and Ed and his girls, as well as aunts, uncles and cousins from NY, picked cherries for jam, cooked SPAM in honor of the sailors and their provisions, offered tech support to Ron and me, Skyped with Jordi and Alex, Karen upholstered two little chairs and  made a blouse for me from fabric a dear friend had given me many years ago, they traveled to Canada.  They kept busy.
People ask me when we are going to Bury St Edmunds to visit, my answer:  as soon as Ron and I return home to Athens after Labor Day, we’ll begin working with Delta to use those Skymiles that have been accumulating.  We want to see for ourselves where the Meyers/Navarretes live now.


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