Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rolling Seas

July 10, 2013
I got up this morning, checked the tracker and it looks like the guys are going the wrong way! (Maybe they are tacking away from another container boat collision?!) Alex said they would most likely have to beat their way into the wind all the way to England so I guess we will see a lot of zig zagging on the tracker this time around.

Alicia shared an e-mail from Bob that she received yesterday:

Hey! All well here,  it's 530 local time on Tuesday . Sailed some yesterday but very calm today, the   forecast calls for very light wind so we may have to motor . Doing well on the boat but  it rolls like crazy when no sails are up. Sails help stabilize the boat. Down below typing this and we are really rolling. I feel fine,  the patch is working  and have been sleeping good. Had the 9 to minight then 6am. Tonite I have the midnight to 3 but will be able to sleep to 9am. Alex made spaghetti last nite and full eng bkfst today:  sausage, bacon, fried eggs, beans and roasted tomato  very good. We have seen 3 ships in distance,  hundreds of squid going by boat at night, several tutles, 1 shark and several dolphins. They have a color scheme that remind me of killer whales  and they are bigger than bottlenose. Also have seen several jellyfish!

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