Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the Nose

I apologize for the lack of an update yesterday, I was doing a little sightseeing in Buffalo, and yes, there are wonderful sights to see in Buffalo! 

I got a short update from Alex yesterday, and it confirms what I've been seeing on the tracker.

From Alex:

Hi K. Wind on the nose, this may take a while. Had to do lectraScan surgery today, too much spam for macerator.Yuck!
All done now. Hope wind shifts.
Miss ya

I suppose that about says it all!

And this from Bob with a few more details:

I'm on watch from 2100 to 2400 so I can then sleep to 6am before watch again, this is probably the best watch. Going on at 2400 means you really need to go to bed right after dinner which is hard to do. 72 hrs on patch, one was up yesterday so I applied another last night. I think they make me feel tired.
 It's really weird to be out here and see nothing, but we did see a big pod of dolphins going really fast by us today and a container ship headed towards azores. Too far to tell much about it.  David fixed a tuna pasta dish tonight it was good. He goes on watch after me so I always have water boiling when I wake him up.  David and I brougnt 5 mild white cheeses onboard from the azores, we have to triple bag if we are going to put in reefer but they don't really smell.
We've turned east now. May have gone a day too far north looking for wind. Had some today but it died around dinner time so we are motoring again. Night watch is kind of weird, no moon so it is dark and you are just moving along looking for lights and checking the radar. Most nights I have seen really bright Dinoflagellates glowing in the wake and sometimes a white cap a few hundred feet from the boat will break and the glow will startle you because you think it is another boat light. Most nights if I shine my bright light into the water i can see jellyfish. We should have swam yesterday because it was cooler today. Not cold but I have a light pullover on. I may put my fowlie on later just to block the breeze.
 We may not make landfall in Plymouth but go to either Dover or Ramsgate, not sure too early to tell.  My vibrating alarm watch is nice. I can set a timer for 15 min to remind me to check the horizon or radar etc. Also it doesn't wake anybody else up.  I think this is a great boat in the cockpit and inside for cruising, I never knew the boat had so much storage. For example the hanging locker holds all our fowlies but has a shelf system behind the coats for tools or spares that are easy to get to. I guess I should go look for jellyfish.

Also from David via Tricia:

We watched Shaun of the dead last night which was fun. We may not have enough power to watch a film tonight as we have been sailing. It is getting a little cooler as we head north, may need long trousers tonight. 

Meanwhile back at the cottage we had another one of these yesterday
Beautiful Wide Beach Sunset


  1. You may find this interesting:
    Dinoflagellates make great "pets" and are fun to raise at home. See

  2. That is indeed interesting! I will try to raise some little ones with a British accent as soon as I get to the UK!


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