Saturday, July 20, 2013

Le Weekend

July 20, 2013

I'm taking the optimistic view of things again today, looking at the tracker and seeing how far Nani has come thus far, from this perspective, she is so close to her destination!

There isn't a lot of news to report, but we do have a short message from Bob via Alicia:

Seas are still choppy but not as bad. I could eat below but couldn't hang out. Put a patch on last  night. We were hoping to be in Brighton this weekend but looks more like Wednesday now. Had white rice with onions and chopped hotdogs. Tried to get Alex to pan fry some spam.   So we have spam and about 12 quarts of chicken broth in the cardboard quarts. Saw a whale yesterday. Several hundred yards away but watched it with binocs. Saw a bigger one today but it was hard to see in the chop. Alex tacked boat last night and thought he heard one blow and splash as he was tacking. Was dark so couldn't tell. We finally have a moon! It sets around 230 and sun begins to add visibility around 4. Sun sets in the northwest and rises in northeast. It's because we are much further north. Still some twilight at 10 pm or so. Keep me posted on what's going on there. Love and miss you, Bob  

Tricia talked to David yesterday and relayed the fact that Bob rescued him with some extra teabags, but now the milk supply is running low. David does seem to be always on the edge of a tea crisis and there has been talk of scrambling some jets for a flyover to drop the necessary supplies. Sounds like they'll be having chicken broth with SPAM for lunch, and dinner and lunch again......they better get to Brighton soon or morale may seriously crumble!

Things are quiet at the cottage during the  heat wave and we've all been moping around complaining about the heat like good Northerners. I'm still trying to get the perfect picture of the birds at the bird feeder.  Yes, I'm very busy doing big, important things this summer!

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