Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Land Ho!

July 23, 2013
Nani and crew are screaming toward Brighton and things are looking good for a Wednesday arrival. We got several messages from the guys yesterday. 

From David via Tricia:

We are heading the right way now and listening to radio 4. Seas are calm and wind in a great direction and a perfect strength. We will pass the Scillys this afternoon and Lands End tonight. The cricket emails were wonderful thanks. I have been waiting twenty years for this.
 My watch now, hopefully on solid ground soon. Love you.


From Bob via Alicia:

Finally a beam reach. About 20 miles from Scilly Islands so if we needed something we could stop there. Lots of vhf announcements from coast gaurd and fishing fleets, just like Florida. We can get BBC fm stations. Boat is doing 8 knots and we are going with the tide. Have been sailing all day bc of the good wind. Weather very nice most of the day. Clouding up so may get some rain. Was able to use my no rinse stuff and shave today, in fact we all did.  I think we all had on the same clothes for 4 days! At least fri to sun. Was just too rough to want to do much of anything. We really hope this weather and wind holds. Would love to be there by Wed. If we arrive late there will be no customs so technically I can't leave the boat. I'll take my chance and they can deport me if they like. The BBC has been advertising a new immigration program where a van rides around with a PA announcing if you are here illegally please text us at this number and we'll arrange transportation back to your home country. Probably one of the dumbest govt programs I've ever heard of. They've announced all day long about the royal baby.....Love and miss you both. Hopefully weather will stay nice and I can send more emails. Love and miss you heaps.

And from Alex, who as you might be able to tell, is very proud of his boat:

Hi K. We made the Scilly islands. Hope to make Brighton on Wed.
Nani took 5 days of bashing into 20 kts of wind against current and waves in great style!

Talking about great style, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the original Nani (Alex's mom) who also has great style!
Nani circa 1960- ish

Nani circa 1970-ish

Alex and Nani 2009


  1. Karen,
    Alex's Mom is a knock-out! One of those women who ages beautifully. I can Alex and Eric in her face.
    Congratulations to Nani, her crew, and her support team as they sail the English Channel. I feel like they have arrived! I'm so proud of them! Alan gave his parents a travelogue on Sunday of his time aboard Nani and the pictures and videos were great. I know he is putting together a lot of it on flash drive for you.
    What a great boat you have! There was much interest in here while she was in the marina in Horta and I'm sure she will turn heads as she sails along the English Coast! Nani, so capapble...

  2. yes, Nani is a knock out, both the mom and the boat! I can't wait to see Alan's pics and videos, I'm sure I will get a much better feeling of how the trip went after seeing them. Tomorrow is a big day as they as they arrive in Brighton!


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