Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Really, Really Close

July 23, 2013

Nani is almost to Brighton! My first check of the tracker this morning shows them between 50 and 60 miles away from port and going 11.6 mph towards the destination, the tide must be with them right now . I talked to Alex briefly yesterday (we are arranging a delivery date for our container) and they are eager to get to Brighton and ready to have a shower as soon as they pass  customs!
The messages from the guys have been short and sweet, all 3 of them were hoping to get cell phone coverage so they can call instead of type.

From David via Tricia first thing this morning:

Went past Poole on my watch at 3:00 am this morning. 43 miles to go, almost 4000 nm sailed. Looking forward to a shower. Love you, David.

and yesterdays message:

It is looking increasingly likely to land in Brighton late tomorrow. It is very foggy in the channel and we have been dodging warships, windfarms, fishing fleets and anything else that aims for us.

Simon will pick me up Thursday morning. Hope I do not get car sick. So far cannot get a mobile signal but we are twenty miles off shore at the moment.

From Bob via Alicia yesterday:

Headed up the English Chanel. Its 2pm local and it is cold. Have a pullover and jacket and stocking hat on. I have a Three 3 UK sim card. Card works but need to add money. Would you got to the website and add 20€ pounds to it.

We are in the chanel but still 10 miles offshore but that will narrow tomorrow so can probably use phone tonight or tomorrow. Hope to be in Brighton tomorrow.

And from Alex yesterday:

We are 111 NM from Brighton and expect to arrive tomorrow evening.

David will get off there. From there we go to Ramsgate Early Friday AM (to catch the tide) and go on to the Deben entrance on Sat.  We could be in the marina Sat or Sun. Depending on conditions at the bar.

Alex's sister Eva and her two girls will meet them at Brighton tonight and celebrate their arrival. I'm so glad they will have a family member to meet them!

In the meantime I've snuck in a short trip to Toronto to visit my cousin. Yesterday she and her husband drove Eric and I on a personalized tour through the city and I snapped some pictures through the sun roof like a good tourist should.

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