Sunday, April 20, 2014

We Sailed to Ipswich for Indian Take Away

This past weekend we finally got the boat out onto the ocean for the first time since Alex brought her over in July. It was a short trip to Ipswich and back with my Sister and Brother in Law and my two nieces and we had a great time. The girls had a real adventurous spirit and were not afraid at all of the moderate waves, river currents or large container ships that we passed by. I needed some liquid relaxation (aka a beer or 2 to calm my nerves) but they were just fine.
the crew

 It’s about a 9 mile drive from Woodbridge to Ipswich, but by sea it takes it bit longer! The first day out we spent a couple of hours sailing up and down the river and then headed back up to Ramsholt to pick up a mooring for the night. We had a nice walk in the afternoon and a few pints at the pub. It is so great to be able to walk to  a pub for a drink and when the walk is in the countryside, that is even better!
beautiful church at the top of the hill
Wellies are a must
Captain and crew

Eric overlooking the river
Alex and Eva
beautiful sunset on the river
The next day we sailed down the Deben and out of the river at Felixstowe Ferry, across the sea to Felixstowe Harbor (which we have been told is the busiest harbor in the UK, I believe it!) and up the Orwell river to Ipswich Haven Marina. 
we saw lots of these on the horizon
the freezing North Sea! 
we counted 3000 containers onboard
this thing is huge!
Since we didn’t arrive  at high tide we experienced our very first “lock in” to the marina.
enter at the green light!
 We had a curry for dinner from a fine Indian take away establishment and the next day did the same process in reverse. This time we picked up a mooring ball at Waldringfield and spent the night so we could enter the Tidemill the next day on the high tide. 

there is lots to see!
the girls wondered if it would fit under the bridge
beautiful Suffolk countryside
keep number four to starboard!
almost home
The weather was good for the most part but a tad chilly and not quite sunny enough. Oh yeah, we live in England now........

It was a nice trip. Even I didn’t get seasick, and that seems like progress!