Sunday, March 2, 2014

Picking Out A Cottage By The Sea

We took a little day trip to Aldeburgh this weekend to check it out since the weather was not really conducive to sailing. It is a charming little village  by the sea with lots of nice cottages, buildings and boats to look at. We queued in line for chips at the chipper and then took a nice slow walk down the main street to get a feel for the place. The weather wasn't really conducive for nice slow walks either, so we ducked into a little alcove to finish our chips but continued on like good Brits completely ignoring the drizzle.

Aldeburgh is situated between the Auld river and the sea, so Alex plans to visit next time by boat. I thought it might be a good time to pick out or cottage in advance. These are some of the contenders:
Button cottage seemed the obvious choice for me,

but Hidden cottage was intriguing too....

Kitten cottage was extremely cute!

but Rose cottage has nice daffodils.

obviously Smile cottage was in the running, it did make me smile!

Lavender cottage is very nice, but oddly enough not lavender.
Then, at the end of the street we came to Marshmallow cottage. The name is definitely my favorite, but it was hidden behind the fence so we couldn't see the actual cottage. Maybe when we come by boat we'll catch a glimpse.

Alex decided to pick his own cottage. At first he liked this one,

but then switched when he saw this crazy place directly across from Marshmallow cottage. Someone built an addition the their lighthouse? Not sure, but this is all one building and people do actually live here. 
the recycling bin by the front gate

As we were getting in our car to go home a little girl on a pink bike with a pink helmet came out of the door to go for a bike ride. Cute!