Friday, July 26, 2013

Plan for Today

I spoke with Alex yesterday and they have changed the plan slightly for the next few days. They will leave Brighton this afternoon around 4:00  UK time and travel to the mouth of the Deben river in one shot instead of breaking it into two segments.  Since the area is very tidal and all travel has to be timed correctly, this way they only have to time an entrance to one marina instead of two. Sounds like a good plan. They hope to have Nani in her home port at the Tidemill Yacht Club Marina late Saturday.
When I spoke with him yesterday he was entertaining Eva and her girls onboard with his famous "pork chop spaghetti" and I'm sure they are watching a video or two. Life aboard Nani has gotten back to normal quite quickly!

In the meantime, is everyone gathering their SPAM and planning their SPAM recipes? We have a can sitting in the windowsill  getting ready for the big SPAM solidarity day coming up on Sunday. I'm thinking anything with SPAM and pineapple sounds good.

Spamburger, yum!

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