Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet the Crew: Alan Shedd

Alan racing the Barefoot open 2012
Alan fell in love with sailing in High School and not been without a boat since. We met Alan and his wife Cheryl  about 5 years ago at a sailing event on Lake Lanier, they have a beautiful Morgan 38 sailboat named Paragon that they have been sailing on the lake for many  years. 
You could say that  wind power is sort of a theme for Alan. He’s had a lifelong interest in alternative energy sources, especially solar but also wind. When he is not hanging out around boats or fixing something on a boat or riding his motorcycle or walking his 5 big dogs, he’s Director of Residential and Commercial Energy Programs for Touchstone Energy Cooperatives where he provides support and information for electric co-operatives. I happen to know he also gets to spend some time “driving” Touchstone’s hot air balloon once a year,  not a bad gig!
Hanging out on Nani
Alan and Cheryl crossed the Pacific in 1990 on a Beneteau 38, so this is not his first rodeo! He brings years of sailing experience to the table and an engineer’s problem solving mentality making him the perfect crew member. I’m sleeping well at night knowing that between Alan, Alex and David they can fix anything that might break on the boat. As an added bonus he knows how to make bread just using beer and flour. What more could anyone ask for?
We are not men, we are DEVO
 The fact that he likes wearing funky red hats is simply a bonus.
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Next we'll meet Sir David Lewis.

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