Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet the Crew: David Lewis

David and his wife Tricia
David is a relative newcomer to the Lake Lanier scene, we met him about 2 years ago when he moved his boat to “J” Dock at Sunrise Cove Marina. He and Alex quickly became friends and spent many hours  arguing ( I mean discussing) European politics and anything  related to sailing. When Alex was looking for crew David was a perfect choice because of his extensive sailing experience and especially his experience sailing in the Bay of Biscay which portends to be the most unpredictable leg of the trip.

David was born in England but lived in Hong Kong from the ages of 13 -17  when he discovered his life long love of sailing. He has travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, and lived in Italy for a couple of years in the early 90‘s.
In England he owned a Swan 57 named "Scaramouche" 
 and in 2006 he sailed her from Portugal to Wales. The picture below was taken right before a big storm hit, let's hope we don't have any of those kinds of pictures from this trip......
awaiting  the  storm
Most of his life he has worked as an engineer in the silicon chip industry. Before coming to the US he was a co-founder of one of the UK’s biggest start-up companies, which has become a worldwide leader in the silicon wafer reclaim services. He now spends his time as a foreign exchange trader.
playing for the Swansea team in 2006
Aside from sailing, David loves  Cricket, (he spent some time trying to convince Eric and I about the virtues of cricket, but we were both helpless cases) cooking and spending time with his dog “Brownie” also known as the “Best Dog in the World”.
Best picture of dog ears in the world!

So that's the crew for the first leg of the journey! When Nani reaches the Azores, Alan will hop off and Bob Watkins will hop on for the second leg, we'll meet Bob later.

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