Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Got Our Stuff

The container full of our belongings arrived yesterday and the move in went very smoothly. 

The only casualty  was our headboard, which would not fit up the stairs and into the master bedroom. It is now living in the garage along with about half of my sewing room. 
sewing room before
sewing room in between

sewing room after
As you can see from the before and after pics of my sewing room, it is a little full right now and until I can get the shelves assembled, nothing else will fit, the door barely opens. 
moving day lunch
We had a little debacle with the garage door, which refused to shut and took Alex about 2 hours of swearing to fix in the afternoon just when we were all starving and wanted to eat dinner, but he finally swore at it enough to fix it much to my and Eric's dismay being that the neighbors all their windows open and it was a little embarrassing. At one point he was shut in the garage (swearing) and Eric and I realized we didn't know the UK equivalent of 911 in case we needed to call. Luckily, we didn't need to.

In other news, Eric got a new bike and is really tickled with it. Ours arrived yesterday in the container so we are looking forward to going on some really great bike rides in the area.
So, everything is here now, I just need to get it unpacked. Speaking of that, I better go and get to it!


  1. Good pictures, Karen! Comforting, I'm sure, to have your familiar things with you now. Was Alex swearing in Spanish or English? If he was swearing in Spanish, the neighbors probably didn't understand a thing! I remember asking him to translate a few common curse words into Spanish and I had never heard them before!;)

    1. Cheryl, he was definitely cussing in English! He claims cussing at things is what fixes them, I'm not so sure.
      And yes it is great to have familiar things with us now. It was wonderful to have my tea out of my favorite cup today, and Eric and Alex have happy reunions with their favorite toys.

  2. So the adventure continues!! Cannot wait to hear about the marina party...from the looks of the picture we saw, Nani is the largest boat around! When does school start for Eric? The kids (Gabby, Libby and Joe) got settled in Monticello and started is good to have them closer. Claudette will be working at Athens Regional Medical Center in the operating room. Miss your smiling faces and Alex's music. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      I know that is great for you to have the grandkids so close, no more weekends getting stranded in Vegas or wherever trying to fly out to see them. Congrats to Claudette on her new job, I have a fondness for ARMC, that is where Jordi was born! Eric starts school mid Septmeber, we will meet with the school next week and need to start buying uniforms etc.
      We miss seeing you too, our flight to London was not completely full when we came, so I figure it won't be too hard to get a flight here when you are able to come, especially if it is a bit off season.


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