Friday, August 9, 2013

Small Progress

Unpacking is the worst, but we are making small progress. I've gotten everything unpacked from the boxes in the sewing room, now just to figure out how to organize it all and how to dispose of the boxes. 

The recycling system here is amazing but you have to follow the directions exactly or they won't pick it up. There is  a very efficient bin system for all houses, the only problem is that the boxes and paper won't fit in the bins. We'll need to drive the boxes to a recycling station, so that will be one of our tasks this weekend. If we can find the place, we'll have to play the "count the round-about" game to get there and it will probably take a couple of trips considering we have a lot of boxes and our car is kind of small! It is amazing what they recycle here and they do try to make it easy by accepting all the items in one central location: cooking oil, printer cartridges, books, cd's, tapes, textiles, spectacles, wood, plasterboard, appliances, phones and TV's plus all the standards such as glass, batteries and aluminum.

This weekend we are going to the Marina Fete which is the equivalent to our Marina Appreciation day I think. We are to bring our own meat to grill and  they will provide the grill, onions and drink which sounds kind of interesting to me.  I'll get back to you on what  the deal is with the onions!

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