Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We are getting back to normal after a weekend visit with my sister in law and nieces and preparing for my mother in laws visit this weekend. Nani is coming to visit on Friday and Alex is thrilled. (me too!) In the 25 years we lived in Georgia, she visited us there for a total of 14 days. They came 3 times, once when Jordi was born, once when Eric was born and for Alex's 40th birthday and each stay was very short because of my father in laws work schedule, so this is exciting. We are hanging pictures, unpacking the last boxes and hiding the rest of our stuff in the garage. Thank goodness for the garage. We plan to show her Woodbridge, explore Bury and a few surrounding little towns and then we'll drive to Hastings for the weekend to visit with Eva and her girls some more. Should be fun. 
we made pillows!

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