Monday, August 12, 2013

First Week

It is hard to believe that the first week has gone by so quickly.  We've unpacked all the boxes except for about a dozen and have even started hanging some pictures on the walls. Eric's room is all set up except for new curtains (as soon as I can make a space in my sewing room I'll get busy on those) and the kitchen is complete. We are waiting on our new bed frame to get our room ready and after that we will concentrate on the living room. We really did get rid of a lot of things, so for the most part everything is finding a place.  Except for my sewing room which  is the biggest challenge, it will take me quite awhile to figure out if I will actually have room to sew in there!

This weekend we went to Woodbridge on Saturday after multiple errands so we could attend the Marina party. We were invited to sit with the group of people we met last weekend, which was very nice of them, they squeezed us in. I chatted with the ladies the entire time about schools,  gardening and vacationing in Turkey and France (of which  I had no knowledge to add to the conversation) and Alex chatted with the guys about engines and whatever else they are always talking about. I've come to a conclusion  that Yacht Clubs and Marina parties are the same everywhere: kind of like a 7th grade boy- girl party. Everyone at Woodbridge has been  very nice and welcoming but I did miss the ease and comfort of socializing on Lake Lanier where we knew just about everyone and didn't have to try to make friends, we just had friends. It reminded me of the first SSC Lobster Bake I attended where I didn't know anyone and Trena McCarthy came over to talk with me because I must have looked a little lonely. It is encouraging to know that it really only does take one person to make you feel welcome and then it can expand from there. The ladies all gave me their phone numbers and told me to call them if I have any questions about adjusting to British life. That was nice and I do have a lot of questions, but I'm wondering if I really should call them to ask how the thermostat works, or which ones are weeds in my garden or should I walk on the left side of the sidewalk or the right?

Sunday we went for a walk around Woodbridge (I'll post those pictures tomorrow) and on the footpath that goes all the way around the river. It was a beautiful day  and we happened upon 4 gentlemen having a race in the little pool reserved for sailboat racing.
the start

blue is catching up

marina cafe

low tide

unwilling subjects

unsuspecting subjects....... we aren't sure what they were observing, we think they were looking at a large house across the river

the Deben's smallest Yacht Club?

don't leave your boat out in the rain forever

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