Friday, August 23, 2013

More Trip Pics

Lots of people who I  talked to before, during and after the trip asked me "aren't you worried about Alex and the crew?" I can honestly say that I was never worried that they wouldn't make it across the Atlantic. It never crossed my mind. Some may call that denial, because obviously things can go wrong and they sometimes do, but I had the utmost confidence in the crew and the captain. I knew they would meet whatever challenge presented itself and get across, I slept well every night. And lo and behold, I was right!

 I was worried though, that the boat would take a beating and things would get broken and this worried from a financial point of view. I was afraid we would get to the UK and have the expenses of beginning our new household here AND the expenses of  fixing something major on the boat. Well, that didn't happen either, there are only a few minor things that need attention on Nani and Alex will get to them over the next few months. Of course we are in such good shape now because Alex was able to take care of all the  little things that needed fixing along the way, and they were well documented. This set of pictures should be called something like: "Alex is always fixing something."

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