Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Weeds Around Here

There are loads of blackberries growing around our house, and most of them are just out of reach.

 It is VERY frustrating. I've been picking what I can (and embarrassing my entire family in the process) and so far I've got 2 quart bags full in the freezer. I'm saving them for when visitors come since Alex and Eric don't partake.  Book your tickets now for blackberry crumble in Bury St. Edmunds!

I love the plants that  grow wild around here. There are Butterfly Bushes everywhere and they get gigantic, we have one in our backyard that desperately needs a trim and lavender also seems to thrive and is everywhere. As you can see from my front door picture, that also needs to be cut back. Does anyone know when to trim it? 

There is also Lupin which is beautiful and this yellow weed which looks a lot like dill but I don't think it is even though it kind of faintly smells like dill, maybe it is the British cousin.

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