Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Rainstorm

Yesterday we were caught in our first rainstorm and got soaking wet walking home from downtown.  I was aggravated with Alex because he suggested to stop for a pint before heading home from the bicycle shop which delayed us enough to get caught in the rain, and he was aggravated with me because I didn't want to buy an umbrella since we have 4 or 5 arriving with our container tomorrow. As you can tell, we are full on in the midst of wedded bliss again!

After coming home to change and draping our clothes over chairs as best as possible (we don't have a dryer or a clothes line yet) we made our first trip to the grocery store. It is always fun exploring new grocery stores and comparing products and prices. It seems that food prices are similar to what we have in the US, with some things being considerably cheaper like basic supplies such as flour, sugar, salt, tea etc. Eric was intrigued with the large variety of pre-packaged cupcakes. There will be lots of new things for us to try and explore, the grocery store was great.

In and around our house the parks and walkways are full of huge blackberry bushes growing wild. They are everywhere, we have some sprigs popping up in our backyard too. I'm not sure if they are considered a weed here, or if people plant them on purpose. 
And when I was picking out some jam yesterday, I saw one that was called "Bramble", so I think wild blackberries are called bramble. Or is the full name blackerry bramble and  bramble is just a nick name for blackberry? Learning new things everyday.......anyways, I now have bramble jam on toast in the morning. It's lovely!

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  1. Blackberries grow wild in Britain and Ireland - they're a bit of a thug if they invade your garden. But you can get cultivated varieties that produce very sweet berries - there are even thornless varieties that make it less of a chore to pick the berries,


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