Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Pictures From Woodbridge

We had a little roam around Woodbridge on Sunday and everything was very photo worthy. Everytime you turn a corner there is a statue of Queen Victoria 
still looking over everyone
or a broom straight out of Harry Potter stuck in with the others very non-chalantly.
will you go for the classical twig version or the modern broom?
 I love taking pictures but got left behind by my family more often than not whilst stopping to snap a shot.
2 pink doors???
Alex was in a hurry to get to the pub and Eric was just embarrassed that I was making us look like tourists, which we kind of are and will be for awhile.
Woodbridge Council Hall, I think

 I told them about my adoring fans who want pictures for the blog but they were not impressed.
the tombstones remind me of Scooby-Doo
so we'll definitely have to go back for more pictures next weekend, it is such a quaint little town.

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