Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weather and Laundry Report

I was chatting with some locals yesterday and they assured me that no matter how many years I live in  England I will never figure out the weather. Their advice was to not even try but just  know that  always having something to talk about with strangers at shops  can be a good thing. I enjoy British humor.

Today is a perfect case in point. Here's the weather and laundry report for Sunday October 19th:

8:00   a.m. Bright sunshine, yeah! I think it is a good day to do laundry and hang the clothes out on the clothesline
10:00 a.m. Cloudy. First load of laundry is almost done washing
10:30 a.m. Quite heavy rain. I put the clothes in the dryer and give up on the clothesline
11:30 a.m. The sun comes back out! Time to do another load of laundry
12:00 p.m. Beautiful sunshine streams back through the windows, laundry almost done so I can hang this one outside maybe
12:30 p.m. Still sunshining and quite windy so I go for it and hang the laundry outside and then  go for a walk

2:30  p.m.  Complete cloud cover again and looking like rain so I take down the clothes and put them in the dryer to finish drying.
3:00  p.m. Rain

So that is where we are right now,  3:00 and rain but I fully expect it will change a couple more times before the day is over. And I am enjoying chatting about it so I guess the locals were right!


  1. So funny that you have a new language to learn even for this task -- doing the washing (and not the laundry), hanging it out with pegs (and not clothes pins), and putting it in the tumble dryer (and not the dryer). And you now have a new item to sew for your business -- peg bags!!!

    Have enoyed reading the blog, and your photos are beautiful!


  2. Thanks Tricia, that is helpful information indeed! It is amazing all the little nuances in the language, I've been collecting a list for a blog post, I'll add these to it!

  3. It's so funny how people still laugh at me now, over here, after I have been here almost 20 years. :-0

    Glad you are settling in though. It is lovely to be able to walk about, isn't it? David and I have actually found a British pub we can walk to from here. How funny is that?


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