Friday, October 11, 2013

2 Months

I looked at he calendar today and realized it has been 2 months since Eric and I arrived in the UK. 2 months, really? Is that all? It feels like so much longer! There must be some phenomenon to describe the sensation that even though the weeks fly by quickly that when looking back in time 2 months feels more like 6 months. 

I've been a little impatient to get completely adjusted, make lots of new friends and get my business up and running but today when I realized it has only been 2 months I relaxed a little. I confidently told my friends in the US before leaving for the UK that I knew it realistically takes 5 years to make a new place really your home, and now that I know  we are only 1/30th of the way through that process it feels like things are progressing just fine. There are lots of things to like about living here in Bury St. Edmunds such as the great pubs, the beautiful town itself and the fact that I don't need to a car to get anywhere in town. I love walking everywhere and I can already feel it has made me healthier.  Alex also has a much shorter commute which has made a big difference for him. These are big quality of life things and make it totally worthwhile.

Of course though, there always is the temptation to think about the things we miss in the US and Eric told me his list this morning: Chick fil A, good ice cream, swimming in the lake in the summer and 7% sales tax.

My list: dinners at my mom and dad's, Jordi, hanging out with my friends at the lake, my big sewing room, good chinese food, and reasonably priced restaurant food in general, I've been cooking a lot more these days.

It's good to keep a little list every now and then of the good and the bad, what we miss and what we appreciate to keep things in perspective. Sometimes there is just so much darn paperwork and logistical issues to figure out that it is easy to get bogged down. So I think tonight we'll walk on over to the pub, have a pint and some chips and celebrate 2 months of adjustment!


  1. A short note from a fellow P dock tenant at Sunrise Cove. I've enjoyed reading about your exploits. I'm the one with the Island Packet 31 at the end of the dock. You are all very brave.
    It's a small world in that I have an Aunt that lives very near Woodbridge in a nearby village, Upper Ufford. My wife & I are coming over in September to see her. I'll keep my eye out for Nani!

    1. Nick, please let us know when you will be in the UK, we'd love to get together for a pint or two!

  2. Sorry so long in replying. Trip is planned towards the end of September. My son is getting married September 6th. We are looking after his dogs while he is on his honeymoon and he will look after ours when he gets back. So, once his honeymoon dates are nailed down, with can firm up our dates. We will be in the UK 3 weeks, I remain a UK citizen andI have family scattered all over. In your area, I have the auntie in Upper Ufford, just outside Woodbridge, and a 1/2 brother in Downham Market. Downham Market is in Norfolk and inland a bit. I won a silly contest late last year on the Brit Rail website and have two, eight non consecutive day first class rail passes. So, we plan a rail circumnavigation of the UK. Most likely fly into Gatwick and make for Cornwall. From there, to Bath to visit a distant cousin. On to Wales (Holyhead) and a quick dash over to Dublin on the ferry for a night or two. Then ferry back via Liverpool. My grandfather was a sea captain on White Star liners in the 30's. I want to visit the "Three Graces" and the maritime museum. Onward to Scotland and then head south once more via Newcastle and the east coast. My mother's family, all seafarers, were in South Shields at the turn of the 20th century and there is a family memorial in a church cemetery that I've never seen. So, the visit to your area will be towards the end of the trip, I'm guessing somewhere between October 5th and 10th? That's the rough outline anyway. Will play it by ear and make accommodation arrangements only a day or two ahead of time on Airbnb (when not imposing on family :-) to keep things flexible.
    I'm usually over every year but, in the past, have pretty much stuck to the south and London as I have my closest cousins all within a day trip of the Capital. When the rail passes, I now have the opportunity to venture further afield.
    Based on emails from my family, I know your winter has been dreadful. I hope Nani has survived it all.


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