Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Again

Another weekend has come and gone, it happens so fast doesn't it?
Alex had planned to participate in a cruising event for the sailing club on Saturday and Eric and I were to join him on  afterwards since the tide allowed him to leave at 2:30 on Friday and Eric would still be in school. It seemed like a good plan, but as it turned out we all had to be a little flexible.
I had an interview in Chelmsford on Friday morning to interview for  my National Insurance Number (the closest equivalent to a Social Security Number) which is about an hour away. We drove to the appointment, found our way with the GPS through endless round-abouts and made it on time. I completed the interview but it took a little longer than anticipated due to the fact that I am self employed and I had to present  proof that I am indeed self employed. The lady was very nice, but didn't seem too convinced that I would get the number, I'll find out in three weeks.

We rushed out of the office and headed home for Alex to drop me off so he could make it back to the boat in time to get out of the slip with the tide, but alas we didn't make it. He missed the chance to do the sail up and down the river with the club, but we decided to attend the Bar-B-Q anyways on Saturday night to hear all the stories of the day and we met some more very nice people. 

Sunday we attended the 25th anniversary of the building of the Woodbridge Sailing Club Clubhouse. The Commodore told a little history of how they purchased the land and the club members built the clubhouse themselves. The Commodores table was full of special guests: older members who were part of that original group of members the oldest being 93 years old who stood up and told a few stories, it was very entertaining! Honestly, everyone we have met in the club has been so warm and welcoming and has defied the British stereotype of being reserved and hard to get to know.  What a great group of people!

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