Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Azores

Alex described their stop in the Azores as a true highlight of the trip, it was everything and more that he had heard from sailors and read in sailing magazines
I found this description of the Horta marina on their website: 
Horta is a small town, filled with sailor spirit and sea legends. Our marina walls haven’t got empty spaces, being filled with paintings made by yachtsmen in order to have good luck on their sea travels. Tradition has made Horta’s marina an open air gallery. Horta means also the mythical Peter CafĂ© Sport, which is more than a silor’s bar: it is a post office, an exchange currency spot, a scrimshaw museum and, most of all, open arms and a restful happy in your journey. The whole town of Horta vibrates with and for the adventurous yachtsman. 
Before we left Connecticut I was sent on an errand to buy paint for the traditional painting on the sea wall and thanks to Alan and Bob for getting some great pictures of the result.
Alex dedicated the picture to his Dad Juan Miguel, who is always sailing with him in spirit.

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