Sunday, June 23, 2013

News From the Crew

The news from the crew is: NO WIND. They have had very little sailing since they left Block Island and have been motoring or motor sailing for the past 4 days. They are staying a little farther north than anticipated hoping to catch as much wind as possible.

Let's all hope for wind today so they can make it to the Azores on schedule.

I got an e-mail from Alan yesterday via the Satellite phone with a very important question, I've copied it here: 

Hi Karen,
We are eating well thanks to your detailed and generous  provisioning. Biggest challenge is finding things.  Any chance you can recall where we stashed tuna and salmon? There is some in the bilge but we kept some out somewhere.  Thanks.

Seems I hid the food too well when we were stowing it onboard. We stashed food everywhere! Behind the mast, behind the settees, under the V Berth, under the quarter berth, in the bilge (see the picture) and in the usual spots in the kitchen and fridge. There is plenty of food, it seems the problem is finding the right can or package when needed, oops!

 Alex also mentioned that Alan and David have been fishing for tuna and caught one but it got away. They must be craving tuna. I hope they find some soon......on board or overboard, whatever is easiest.

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