Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Storm

Tricia and I each got a brief message regarding some rough weather the guys sailed through a couple of days ago.

From David via Tricia:
Yes we had some pretty significant weather overnight. Boat was good and we all pulled together. Waves were huge. Settled down a bit now and we are making good headway. 966nm to Horta. I had a double fried egg sandwich for breakfast as I was hungry. I am back on watch in two hours then again at midnight, nine your time.

Getting a bit bored of living at 45 degrees and then being thrown across the cabin every two minutes. But not really, we are sailing well.

DeLorme InReach message from Alex:
Nobody seasick, waves big but not scary. Luckily no bad storms so far. Today we fixed some broken sail slides, all good. 753M to go! 

Tricia shared her e-mail with me before I heard from Alex, and I had a feeling he would downplay the weather. He probably even queued up the Monty Python song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" for whoever was on watch during the night. (Yes, he has actually done that) but at least the storm wasn't bad enough to break the eggs in the fridge, now that would have been a tragedy!  I can't wait to hear more details about everything, I'm hoping that I can Skype with Alex when he gets to Horta.

The news from the cottage is: RAIN. We've had 3 days of rain and everything is soggy. The bright side of the rain is that it is making the flowers and garden lush and wonderful.

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